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Northeast Hamilton Attendance Policy

Effective 1/17/05       

Students are expected to be in class and to make attendance a top priority. Only through attendance and class participation do students achieve the full benefits of the education program. Participating in class discussion, developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students, and forming the habit of regular attendance are legitimate class objectives. Learning lost due to an absence can never be replaced. Regular attendance and being well prepared for class helps students in school as well as prepares students for adulthood.  Students who know they will be absent must notify the office prior to the absence. If advance notification is not possible, parents must notify the office at (515) 325-6234 on the day of the absence prior to 9:00 a.m. If notification is not received, the office attempts to contact the parents at their daytime number.

The school determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused. Excused absences include, but are not limited to, illness, family emergency, recognized religious observances, medical/dental appointments, and school activities. Unexcused absences are absences that are deemed unnecessary reasons for missing school by the school principal.  Students will make up missed time for unexcused absences outside the school day.  Truancy is an absence from school that neither the school nor the parent/guardian has excused.  Consequences for truancy are as follows: 1) The first time it will be a day of in school suspension, 2) The second time it will be 2 days of in school suspension, the superintendent will be notified, and a parental meeting will be held before the student is allowed back to normal classes 3) The third time the student will be dropped from classes for the semester. 

Any student who is absent from a class in excess of 10 times in a semester will be removed from that class and receive no credit for that course(s).  Absences due to school related and school supervised activities do NOT count toward their total.  The student and the parent will receive written notification upon the 6th and 10th absences.  Absences due to court proceedings or suspensions do not count toward their total. Serious or prolonged illness, extended hospitalization, or other extenuating circumstances need to be presented to the office.  Any period where the student has missed more than 50% of the class will be deemed as an absence.  All absences, except those stated, will be counted towards the student’s allotted 10 days of absences per semester.

An appeal shall be made in writing by the student to the office.  The appeal form should be picked up from the office.  An appeal panel consisting of the principal, guidance counselor, 2 classroom teachers, and nurse (if for a medical reason) will hear the appeal from the parent and the student and render a decision regarding the absence(s) in question within 2 school days.  A doctor’s statement may be required.  The student may remain in the class with no credit being given if agreed upon by the aforementioned appeals committee.  The student would then have the right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent and ultimately to the Board of Education.

Students who need to leave school during the school day must receive permission from the office.   To get permission they need to have a note signed by the student’s parents, have their parents telephone the office or have their parents pick them up. A student who arrives after the school day has begun must also have permission from the office for re-admission to class. Students are not released to anyone other than their parents during the school day unless the office has granted permission otherwise.

Students participating in extra curricular activities must be in school at least one-half day including 8th period on the day of the event in order to participate in an extra curricular activity. The remaining half-day must be an excused absence for participation in extra curricular activities that day/night. Only in extraordinary circumstances, may this rule be waived by the principal.  Students who know they are going to be absent need to make arrangements with their teachers in advance to make up schoolwork. Students have the number of days missed plus one additional day to make up schoolwork for days missed not to exceed 5 days upon return from the excused absence. If the number of days missed exceeds 5, makeup work will be determined on

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